Surprising Ways That Your Older Dog Will Be Healthier As The Result Of Being Neutered

It is easy to assume that the risks associated with spaying and neutering an older dog are greater than the benefits of doing so. However, even if your dog has not gone into heat or displayed an overwhelming interest in an eager, female dog for quite some time, there are other ways that your senior dog can enjoy a better quality of life as the result of being sterilized. Therefore, as a responsible pet owner, it is a good idea to consider the following information when you are making the necessary health care plans for your mature canine.

Pet Dental Care: Treating Systemic Infections In Your Pet When The Origin Is Oral

Pets, just like people, can contract systemic infections. These infections occur as the result of an infection in one part of the body, and then the bacteria of that infection spread throughout (ergo, systemic, or system-wide). Not surprisingly, these infections can begin anywhere in the body, including the mouth. If your pet has a rotten tooth, an inflamed gumline, or pus oozing from a wound in his or her mouth, the infection can eventually spread throughout his/her body.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: Causes Of Hair Loss In Dogs

It can be disturbing to discover patches of hair loss on your dog's previously flawless coat. In most cases, the hair loss is more than just a cosmetic issue. Many of the causes of hair loss can be controlled or cured, and failure to do so can lead to bigger problems. Learn about some of the more common causes of hair loss in dogs and what your veterinarian can do to restore your dog's coat to its luxurious glory.

Popular Garden Plants That Are Toxic To Pets

Are you a gardener? Are you thinking about getting a new puppy or kitten? If so, you may want to be wary of what you plant in your garden. As you may already know, many things that are safe for humans to consume are toxic for pets. You may already know that grapes and raisins are toxic to dogs, but many people don't always discuss what garden plants may be dangerous.

Naming Your New Cat

If you are going to be bringing home a new cat then you have a lot of preparations to make. You want to be sure you have a litter box, litter, food bowls, food, a veterinarian, a bed, toys and even a name. Coming up with the right name for your new cat can be one of the most enjoyable parts of getting them, aside from the cat itself. Although exciting, picking the right name can also be difficult.